Doubly Cute | London Ontario Baby Photographer

A fellow photographer, Sarah Lalone (check her out here, she’s pretty awesome!), recommended me to the proud parents of these gorgeous twins. As with most twins they were born early, spent some time in the NICU, but when I met them they were both almost 8 pounds and had the most beautiful, healthy little features.

From his chunky little feet to her dainty fingers, they are a picture of perfection and they are doubly cute!



These two are going to be great parents to those two little ones . . . they have their hands full and they love it!



Note: Safety is always priority when posing infants and while this pose is definitely adorable, and a favourite, it is always taken using the utmost care, and is always a composite of two, or more, images. (Even a sleeping baby seems to have a will of its own, and so this pose isn’t always possible.)


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