No Christmas tree this year? That’s right!

Every year I spend many, many hours over the course of a couple of weeks putting up Christmas decorations and I love doing it! It involves removing and packing away every decorative piece in the living room, kitchen and bathrooms as well as taking almost all of the pictures off of the walls and replacing them with Christmas trees, Christmas villages, nativity scenes and a whole lot of Santas!

Over the years I have painted dozens of Santa Claus figures and each of the buildings in Santa’s village was painstakingly painted . . . brick by brick.  And I loved doing that as well!

Every year my dad hand-crafts a new wooden decoration for my brother, sister, myself, my dad’s sister and our cousins! His skills are amazing and his creations are some of my most-loved decorations . .  . and are often the first ones to be put up.

This year we decided to take a bit of a break from all of the work of getting the storage bins and Christmas tree boxes down from the attic, cleaning and setting the decorations up and then trimming the trees; however, I still wanted to see a bit of Christmas in our home . . . and I still wanted to see a few of my favourite pieces.

After a bit of searching for ideas online, some searching for easy-to-get-to Christmas pieces and some digging through the shed the idea of a Christmas Ladder-Tree was born.

And so, during photo-editing breaks, at a very relaxed pace, I completed this . . . and loved every minute of it!

The wooden Santa Clauses and little wooden tree are my father’s handiwork, the bird houses are my creations and that cute little Santa-bear hanging on the sled was made for me by a very dear friend.

The ladder? It’s one of two we have as a result of an awesome garbage day find!

And this? Just a little out-of-focus fun . . .


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